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For many women, dermal fillers and injectables are one of the most popular ways to look and feel their best. With the growing popularity in dermal fillers and injectables, Dr. Misle saw an opportunity to create a new piece of technology that would enhance every patient’s experience: InjectMate.


What is InjectMate?

lnjectmate was developed by Reviv Med Spa’s Dr. Misle to make cannula injections easier and much more seamless, thereby reducing the amount of pain and bruising during and after treatment and decreasing the risk of intravascular injection.

lnjectmate is a blunt, hollow introducer needle that transforms the multi-step cannula process into just one seamless step. lnjectmate, in addition to making for precise injection sites, offers 360-degree access to the injection area, resulting in fewer injection sites than traditional methods and helps improve the sterility of injections.


How Does it Work?

lnjectMate is a device that provides a more precise and streamlined method to improve cannula injections, which is the safer option for dermal filler injections. Traditionally, cannula requires a two­handed technique: one hand to make a puncture with the needle, then putting it back down to use both hands for the remainder of the procedure. Due to the need to put the needle down, some sterility can be compromised in the process. If there is difficulty finding the introducer opening, sterility can be compromised.

Instead, lnjectmate makes injections a one-step precise process that maintains the safety and cleanliness of the procedure in the first place. The system’s introducer needle is used in conjunction with a cannula as the initial instrument to create a small hole for the cannula and then a guide for the cannula and primary injection. This also minimizes the number of punctures needed to provide treatment to different regions within the face. On one patient, Dr. Misle has been able to use lnjectMate with the cannula to inject both the temples and the upper cheek.


InjectMate for Lip Injections

Experience lip enhancement and volume with reduced sensitivity, thanks to InjectMate!

There are a significant number of veins within the lips, which makes it much easier for bruising, swelling and even bleeding to occur during a traditional injection treatment.

InjectMate offers a much more comfortable experience, with signs of treatment that are so subtle, many patients feel completely confident continuing about their day as usual. Less painful, very quick, less swelling and bruising. If you tend to bruise or even bleed, InjectMate with a cannula has been found to significantly reduce both of these negative outcomes.


Benefits of InjectMate for Reviv Med Spa Patients

This leading technology offers a wide range of benefits that enhance the overall outcome of dermal filler and injectable procedures. Here are some positive changes that patients can expect:

  • Reduced bruising
  • Minimized swelling
  • Less traumatic and painful
  • Less risk of intravascular injections
  • Much less obvious signs of treatment, making it easier to return to your daily life after the treatment

When you walk out of Reviv Med Spa after a cosmetic treatment, you can walk out confident, rather than self-conscious about potential bruising that you will need to explain.


Reviv Med Spa helps patients in Millbrae, San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, Burlingame and San Bruno look and feel their best through comfortable and patient-driven cosmetic treatments. Experience the difference that InjectMate can make on the comfort and outcome of your treatment! Contact us here or call us at 650 697-3339 to book a complimentary consultation or an appointment today.