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Cooltone is coming to San Francisco, and Reviv Med Spa is going to be one of the first offices to be able to offer it to you! We are excited to announce that we will be getting one of the first machines when they become available in October 2019, after the technology received FDA approval in June 2019.

From Allergan, the makers of CoolSculpting, the FDA cleared Cooltone for use in improving muscle tone, strengthening muscles, and firming up the abdomen, buttocks, and thigh areas. 


What is Cooltone? 

Cooltone is body contouring and body toning technology for clients looking for a non-surgical option in Millbrae to reshape. Cooltone helps to build and tone muscles through the use of magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). 

The technology uses electromagnetic energy to penetrate the layers of the muscles and induce an involuntary muscle contraction. Your body responds to the contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers in the area being treated – leading to improved muscle conditioning. 

Basically, Cooltone works out the muscles in the area being treated for you, giving your muscles increased definition while you relax. 


How Many Treatments Does it Take? 

Every person is different and can expect their results to be individual. It really depends on the person and the body part being treated. A source at Allergan told Allure magazine, “In general, patients can expect to undergo four treatments in two weeks. Anecdotally, patients are saying they feel stronger in their core after just one treatment.” 


How Long are the Treatments? 

The treatments last about 30 minutes – that will fly by while you enjoy the peace of our tranquil spa environment. Plus, there is no downtime, no sweating, and no pain (bet the gym can’t say that). It is the easiest 30-minute work out your muscles will ever do. 


There Is Really No Downtime? 

Yep. There is really no downtime. You will walk out of our office feeling as great as you did when you walked in, even better knowing that you are taking care of yourself and your body. 


What is the Difference Between CoolSculpt and Cooltone? 

Coolsculpt and Cooltone are powerful tools to use together, and while the names sound similar, their jobs are very different. 

CoolSculpt technology is meant to get rid of unwanted fat. It does this by gently cooling targeted fat cells in the body, and then massaging the areas to break up the cells – causing a natural and controlled elimination of specific fat cells, without affecting the surrounding tissue. And once treated, those fat cells are never coming back. 

Cooltone doesn’t work on body fat at all, it focuses entirely on your muscles and improving tone and definition using magnets to simulate the conditions required to strengthen muscles. 

Together they are a great non-surgical option in Millbrae to get rid of unwanted body fat and have the tone and definition you have always wanted. 


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